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How to Construct a Reverse Potential Earth Energy Capacitor (w/Electroculture Results)

Science fair project on earth energy transmutation plate capacitor within a reverse potential structure demonstrates unexpected electro-culture results

Earth Energy Plate Capacitor Experiment from the earth energy battery guidelines

Here is the custom plastic mold I have made for this earth energy capacitor experiment. As you see I have drilled holes in all sides of the box. I have already welded using lead-free electrical solder 6 gauge battery wires to the copper posts at the bottom. The metal plates also have 1/8 inch holes to allow for seepage. In the housing in the background, you see the structure where I will place the finished cell underneath.

Megalithic-age menhirs were primitive capacitors which used alternating layers of organic and inorganic materials; albeit primitive, menhirs had a reverse energy potential for attracting electrons, thereby taking advantage of telluric energy or telluric currents. How did people know to build capacitors to utilize electricity over 10,000 years ago? They must have observed nature back then too (i.e. lightning strikes).

Today, I know of Dr. Wilhelm Reich who recorded his observations in the bioenergetic realm using a simple configuration of alternating organic and metallic materials; he called it an orgone accumulator. The inside of the housing where you see a piece of copper laying at the back will be an orgone accumulator.

Earth Energy Plate Capacitor Construction

I got the plastic sheets from TAP plastics. The ¼ inch copper tubing is from any available hardware store. I got the battery wires, cloth, and potting soil from WalMart. The metal sheet is from different vendors at eBay. (I hoped that soil was not too corrosive since it's probably the acidified variety that plants like.)

I have welded the copper plates to the post on the left and the aluminum plates to the post on the right. I did post welding one plate at a time instead of welding a wire to each plate in the interest of efficiency of this particular design. On top of each plate as you see I have placed one layer of cloth and about ¼ inch of soil.

How to Weld at the Aluminum Plate Side for the Earth Energy Plate Capacitor

I happened to observe this electrolytic flashlight years ago that made use of the natural electroplating action between copper and aluminum in a saline solution. I recalled how the electrical connection was facilitated at that aluminum plate, so I am utilizing the same method here.

You probably can't see it due to the resolution of the picture, but I have burnished a piece of copper foil tape around the copper post and onto an aluminum plate. I made slight perforations in the tape between the copper post and aluminum plate to allow seepage of solder for welding. Then I applied regular rosin core solder with a brazing torch. The connections are very solid after this. (This method can be used for joining other dissimilar metals too.) I used the same solder for welding the copper plate side (which was FAR easier).

Earth Energy Plate Capacitor Cell Portion is Done

This earth energy cell is finished. The battery wires at the bottom will lead to further posts connected to an antenna "array" which you will see in an upcoming schematic. The wires at the top will lead to a 12 volt regulator (if needed) which will lead to a 12 volt car battery which will lead to a DC/AC inverter.

Earth Energy Plate Capacitor Cell in Position Beneath the Orgone Accumulator

As you see this earth energy cell is only one portion of a larger project for transforming etheric energy into useable electrical energy. I have done the best I can for structural integrity for something that's going underground. Non-corrosive, siliconized, elastomeric roofing chemical is all over the posts to protect the connections.

Earth Energy Plate Capacitor Cell Buried with organic matter

There's already organic matter sandwiched between inorganic matter in the housing above the cell. There is also inorganic matter in the form of bricks which, in turn, is surround by organic matter in the form of home made compost in the mound (which includes plenty of crawly things and seedlings). The posts have already been sealed. The top battery wires of the cell slip into the top housing / orgone accumulator. The bottom wires are waiting for their connections as seen in the pics.

Earth Energy Menhir: Plate Capacitor Cell is within the Reverse Energy Potential Structure

The dirt in this menhir structure is about an inch from the housing on top. I allowed room in this menhir for scalability, so I can add other earth plate capacitors whenever necessary. The next picture below is the earth energy menhir about two weeks later. I have built up a one layer orgone accumulator in the right part of this structure which will house a 12 volt battery, a 12 volt regulator and an inverter from which I will finally derive the AC power.

Earth Energy Menhir: Electroculture Seedlings Spawn

I think it's interesting to note all the seedlings come to life around this menhir. One could easily assume that they simply layed dorment in the compost, but I have no such life growing in my compost, nor can I easily grow these plants in my garden where I sow the compost on a regular basis. These seedlings consist of mustard, baby bok choy, tomato plants, fennel, one squash plant, and a few I'm not sure of yet that look like ferns. Why are they growing so easily around this structure?

Earth Energy Menhir: An Electroculture Grows Wild

As it turns out, this was a form of electroculture: Plants that thrive in the presence of high electric potential. Electroculture has been around for over 270 years and can apply to any life form that thrives in the presence of high electric potential. In spite of my knowledge of esoteric experiments on plants (and my academic learning), I only recently learned of electroculture twelve years later after I started this project.

As you see in the pics, I, haphhazardly, hung the battery cables from the earth plate capacitor on the chicken wire enclosure around the dirt and brick mound; this must have created enough of an electropotential difference.

Measuring Size of Mexican Squash within the Electroculture

I have never had Mexican Squash in my garden, nor have I ever eaten Mexican Squash to throw the remains in my compost. I had to visit different groceries to find out what I had - and I still wasn't sure for a while. No one else I could find had foot long Mexican Squash. What I figure is this must have been a stray seed from somewhere - like a bird - which turned out to be the biggest flora growing from this electroculture.

Unfortunately, I didn't continue with this project as I planned because of personal set backs. As of this writing, I see much greater agricultural potential using earth energy batteries.

As for the earth energy plate capacitor project, I'm sure that those thin metal plates deteriorated within a few years because the electroculture no longer exists. The use of copper pipes and zinc electrodes as discussed at the earth energy battery guidelines has a greater promise of longevity.

How does this Earth Energy Plate Capacitor Project Differ from Classic Electroculture?

Classic Electroculture uses thousands of volts of static electricity. As you will see in the downloadable manuals, over a century ago electroculture farmers set up atmospheric brushes to gather and distribute static electricity. As decades passed, electroculture farmers found it easier to set up static induction circuits in the form of wires hanging over their plants.

Personally, I wouldn't do classic electroculture because 1000's of volts of static electricity would harm helpful insects and birds if they happen to "complete" a circuit. Humans such as small children might also be harmed if grounded to the circuit - especially if powered by AC.

Instead of high voltage, static electrical potential, my project instigated an electroculture using:

  1. Potential Difference - induced by the electroplating reaction of the earth energy plate capacitor cell - connected with both polarities to a metal enclosure
  2. Reverse Energy Potential - created by layering metallic, organic, and inorganic materials
  3. Combination Effect - Apparently, the electropotential combined with the reverse energy potential to materialise an electroculture with the same effects as classic electroculture without utilizing 1000's of volts of static electricity.

What exactly is "Reverse Energy Potential?"

The second law of thermodynamics is concerned with the direction of natural processes; it asserts that a natural process runs only in one sense, and is not reversible. For example, heat always flows spontaneously from hotter to colder bodies, and never the reverse, unless external work is performed on the system... [Wikipedia]

The 2nd law of thermodynamics is supposed to be a universal law. Unless "external work" can be loosely interpreted at will to satisfy the 2nd law of thermodynamics, it fails to apply to four different systems:

  1. Healthy (Warm-blooded) Living Beings
  2. (Healthy) Celestial Bodies
  3. A Correct Combination of Organic and Inorganic Materials (e.g. orgone accumulator)
  4. A Directed, Mass Free Energy Flow

What is a "directed, mass free energy flow?"

In the 1950's Wilhelm Reich utilized an array of metal pipes coupled to a moving body of water as an experiment in reverse energy potential. Using this array, he was able to control atmospheric conditions through a directed, mass free energy flow which was able to dissipate clouds, ergo, the term coined as "cloudbuster." According to Reich's theory, the array drew energy from a weaker orgone energy potential such as mass free energy from clouds to a stronger orgone energy potential in the form of a flowing body of water (i.e. from lower entropy to higher energy).

Sample of Orgone Accumulators

Before this, Reich studied the reverse energy potential of orgone accumulators, that is, their ability to draw electron flow from ground. The juxtaposed diagram provides samples of orgone accumulators.

Alternate Example of a Reverse Energy Potential Configuration.

Decades later, Don Croft developed a "Chemtrail Buster," coined for its effectiveness against geoengineering aerosols; this configuration utilizes a simular metal pipe array coupled with what he calls a "Holy Hand Grenade" array (á là Monty Python and the Holy Grail) as opposed to a flowing body of water.

Supposedly, the combination of metal shavings and double terminated quartz crystals creates an atmospheric reverse energy potential "pressure zone." Croft refers to this configuration as an "orgone generator" because he claimed that it generates primordial energy (i.e. orgone).

Orgone Oscillation Experiment may explain "Chemtrail Buster"

If you are familiar with the works of Wilhelm Reich, then you may have read his work, "The Cancer Biopathy," wherein he demonstrates the existence of primordial energy with several experiments. One of the experiments consisted of filling a glass sphere with a mixture of organic and ferromagnetic material.

The next step is to hang this sphere less than an inch from a one or two foot long string next to a solid ferromagnetic sphere of the same size such as a steel ball bearing. The autonomous oscillations of the glass sphere indicate the actual oscillations of the orgone energy flow between the glass and steel balls.

Orgone energy quickly flows through and reflects from metal but slowly flows through organic material such as dirt. In this experiment, we can imagine the transient pulsations of aetheric energy per the oscillation of the glass ball. Keep in mind that this mixture of organic and metallic material only induces transient energy flow.

Does the "Holy Hand Grenade" cause energy shifts of verifiable and productive nature?

There is a possibility that Don Croft's "Holy Hand Grenade" works on the basis of orgone oscillation; it is a random mixture of aluminum shavings and/or steel shot in resin and looks very much like a derivation of Dr. Reich's orgone oscillation experiment for detecting pulsations in the primordial aether. James DeMeo claims that it DOES work, but how?

Dr. Reich had already discovered that aluminum is a life-negative metal; when he used it in an orgone accumulator configuration it produced deadly orgone, a carcinogenic form of mass free energy; this is in direct opposition to the application of ferro-magnetic materials. On the other hand, aluminum happens to have the highest fermi energy and temperature of all the metals, therefore, it is more reactive at the quantum level.

Table of Differences between Earth Energy Plate Capacitor and Don Croft's "Chemtrail Buster"

In the case of this earth energy battery, except for the earth plate capacitor which partially depends on natural electroplating reaction, I will adhere to ferro-magnetic and diamagnetic materials for the sake of safety. But, if we examine this earth plate capacitor with a discerning eye, we see a distinct simularity between this array and Don Croft's "Chemtrail Buster." The main differences between the earth plate capacitor and Don Croft's "Chemtrail Buster" are in the following table:

earth plate capacitor"chemtrail buster"
metal pipe array is polarizedmetal pipe array is random
metal plates are ordered like a condensormetal particles in the "Holy Hand Grenade" section are randomly dispersed as in chaos theory
capacitor bank is permanently buried in the ground"Holy Hand Grenade" is used above ground and completely transportable.
uses no special resonant mediauses quartz crystals

This page will be updated on a regular basis as this particular electroculture experiment continues.

Meanwhile, a further update to electroculture technology has been made using scalar fields. Please have a look at the following 2018 ETSC "Electro-Biohacking" Presentation by Aaron Murakami.

Obsoleting GMO with High Voltage - Harvesting wheat in 4 weeks instead of 6-7 months!

Electroculture is over 270 years old - that is using high voltage to increase plant growth.

What you're about to see will not only blow your mind, it will challenge everything you have ever learned about plants, gardening, farming and genetics.

You're about to see something that will bend your mind - wheat ready to harvest in 4 weeks instead of 6-7 months, 4-12 ears of corn on a plant instead of 1, a fern growing that has been extinct for over 1 Million years, and trout that grew salmon hooks that have been extinct for over 150 years.

Superior growth, disease resistance, no need for pesticides, etc. - AND no GMO needed! GMO is an abomination of nature - but what happens when you give nature the potential to express everything that it can? Let's go down the rabbit hole...

Learn More About ELECTRO-BIOHACKING: Influencing Gene Expression with Dielectric Fields

This science fair report and more are available from A&P Emedia Publications and Presentations [May 2020 Shelter in Place Special - EXPIRES MAY 31st: Get 50% off all 2018-19 A&P Presentations, using coupon code, MAY50 (case sensitive), in the shopping cart for each purchase.]

Learn more about ELECTRO-BIOHACKING to find out what one large pharmaceutical company tried to hide from the world.

This science fair report and more are available from A&P Emedia Publications and Presentations [May 2020 Shelter in Place Special - EXPIRES MAY 31st: Get 50% off all 2018-19 A&P Presentations, using coupon code, MAY50 (case sensitive), in the shopping cart for each purchase.]

Review all of the tech presented at 2018 Energy Science & Technology Conference, part 2 with your own beautiful copy of the 2018 Energy Science Technology Conference Magazine. (Use the Mirror Site if it downloads faster.)

(P.S. I am looking into Aaron's Presentation because the technology is far safer than classic electroculture to BOTH flora and fauna. According to the scalar wave science fair project, the applied physics are made to be directional, so it can be used, in particular, on diseased and growth stunted plants.)

Electroculture Resources:

  • The Next Big Thing: ElectroCulture - By Robert A. Nelson; Plant growth can be accelerated by hundreds of percent by the smart application of energy in the forms of static electricity, DC/AC radio frequencies, magnetism, and monochrome and intermittent lighting, and sound. Crop yields and quality are improved to the same degree. The energies are applied to the seeds, plants, soil or the water and nutrients. And thus tons of food can be cultivated in a quarter acre or less, in gardens, on balconies, rooftops, in flowerpots or hydroponics or permaculture. The Next Big Thing: ElectroCulture
  • Enhancement of Vegetation Growth by using Negatively-Charged Air Ions - Improving the rate and size of plant growth by using negative-charged air ions is called Electroculture or Electro-horticulture... The high frequency current, when sent through a network of wires above a plot of ground, has the peculiar property of stimulating the plant life in the earth beneath the wires. Just why this should be so is not definitely known... The apparatus required for the cultivation of plants on a small scale is neither elaborate nor costly although it must be made rather rugged in electrical construction to withstand the strain of almost continuous operation for hours at a time. Enhancement of Vegetation Growth
  • EXPERIMENTAL ELECTROCULTURE: Stimulating Plant Growth without Fertilizers - by L. George Lawrence; This is an experimental arrangement developed by the author to test certain theories relative to stimulating plant growth in a very high voltage electro-static field. Details on the equipment built for the experiment are detailed and some of the background on the "why" of electro-culture is discussed. EXPERIMENTAL ELECTROCULTURE

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