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Science Fair Project:
Earth Energy Batteries

Experiment #1
How to assemble the 12 vdc system / kit

a single earth cell to attach to an array

  1. You will cut 12 - 4" 3/4" pieces of copper piping.

  2. Using RED LACQUER spray point (Which you can buy at any hardware store ), Paint the outside of the copper all around. ( DO NOT PAINT THE INSIDE. ) let air dry for 24 hrs. Now remove 1" masking tape.

  3. Take the copper pipe outside to the area that you are going to use. use a hammer to drive each one into the ground up to the 1" copper exposed top. Do not let the exposed copper touch the earth in the final placement. Dirt should be moist. Not real dry. (this system will work in dry soil, picks up Ether Energy from Earth)

  4. Remove each pipe and place a thick piece of plastic on bottom of copper pipe to cap It. LET IT BE LOOSE, DO NOT TAPE IT. YOU WANT RAIN WATER TO BE ABLE TO ESCAPE FROM EACH PIPE. (Effectively, you could drill a drain hole at the end of a firm fitting plastic cap.) Do not let exposed outside copper touch the earth.
  5. Now hammer each pipe back into the same holes. place each 2" piece of zinc rod into the center of each pipe. The zinc is the NEGATIVE and the copper is the POSITIVE.

  6. Now, connect them in series to get 12 volts. Use clip wire or solder them. If you are going to leave it outside for a long time, then make sure connections are soldered and then painted to protect them from the weather. The rain will replenish your earth ether batteries. TO GET MORE AMPERAGE SIMPLY BUY MORE COPPER AND ZINC ROD FROM YOUR LOCAL HARDWARE STORE. USE 3' PIECES OF COPPER PIPE INSTEAD OF 4" PIPE. THEN CONNECT EVERY ROW OF 12 PIPES IN PARALLEL.- ADD AS MANY ROWS AS YOU NEED UNTIL YOU GET THE DESIRED AMPERAGE YOU WANT. (THINK BIG!!!! ) This is a very powerful system. You are getting a earth battery as well as collecting earth currents from ether/static, and under ground radio waves.

  7. The deeper you go with the copper pipe, the more amperage and voltage you will get. you can run your home from this, it has been done!!

a 12 volt DC system

NOTICE: 10' Copper pipe must not be painted. Keep all copper exposed to the earth. The length of the pipe and the deeper the cell into the earth is directly proportional to the amount of amperage.

Example: Current density(amp/m2) =
conductivity(mho/m) · electric field (volts/m)
According to this formula current density is the product of earth conductivity between cells and natural electric field surrounding a grounded pipe - Both of which are directly proportional to the area of contact between the earth and copper material.

Advantages of earth batteries

  2. Long Life needed.
  3. The collection of earth ether energy and conventional (which is an electroplating effect in this case).
  4. Free Energy day or night
  5. cells are replenished by outside weather, etc...
  6. System can be scaled up or down, to get as much power
  7. A great source of free energy for the poor countries that do not have any light source. each family can build to their income. The more money spent on copper the more power! The more Neon or bulb lighting.

Yes this is very simple, But there is more to it than what you can see. We have made it possible for you to get up to 115 volts DC in a very small area, but you will need to add to this Kit if you want more amperage, If you want to keep the small area and get more amperage you will need to go deeper into the earth. The deeper you go the more amperage and voltage you will get.


  • The proportion of copper pipe to zinc rod is approximately 8:1 when you bury unsealed pipe longer than a metre.
  • Current density = 0.100(mho/m) · 1.026(volts/m) = 0.103 amp/m2 (typical measurements in an ideal plot of dirt);
  • If you have a 3 centimeter copper pipe stuck one metre into the earth then the total area of pipe buried = inner surface + outer surface = (Length · (2 · p · radiusinner)) + (Length · (2 · p · radiusouter)).
  • Assume inner radius = 1.3 cm and outer radius = 1.5 cm then total area buried = 0.082m2 + 0.094m2 = 0.176m2.
  • Therefore, the approximate current available from an ideal plot of dirt from 0.176m2 of copper pipe buried = 0.176m2 · 0.103 amp/m2 =~ 0.018 amps = 18 milliamps.
      (In case you are curious about what amount of current is dangerous please examine the current standards:)
      amps ~ effect
    • 0.001 ~ can be felt
    • 0.005 ~ painful
    • 0.010 ~ muscle contractions
    • 0.015 ~ loss of muscle control
    • 0.070 ~ fatal through heart)
Therefore, this experiment is extremely dangerous even without contacting underground electric lines.{This does not take into account the conversion of local etheric energy to electricity. This also does not take into account the proximity and effect of other factors such as ley lines, transvection points, atmospheric phenomenon, etc.}

If you live out in the country and you have more room, You can get a tremendous amount of amperage by going deeper and by using more earth. If you live in the city and your wife does not want you to mess up the small yard that you have, you will then need to go deeper and use as little of a space as you can. or you can let the tops of the arrays be under ground. Example: Dig a area 4' x 4' and 4" deep. Install your earth batteries in this area. Once you have soldered everything into place and painted all the exposed wiring and copper and zinc, cover with dirt and plant new grass. No one will know it is even there (unless someone steps in it or the dog digs it up!).

Any AC/DC converter on the market will convert the DC from the ground. It would actually be less costly and troublesome than building your own. Just visit your local Walmart or Kragens and pick up a few of their 150 to 200 watt inverters for experiment.

If you want to make the signal as clean as possible, then hook an uninterruptable power supply inline with the inverter, otherwise any of the voltage regulating power adapters on the market will do just fine.

Here are a few more rules you should follow to increase efficiency of your earth battery:

A-The dirt level inside each pipe should be up to 1/4" from the top.
B-Each pipe should be tightly filled with dirt.
C-This will happen concurrently when you hammer the pipe into the ground.
D-Each copper pipe ( or cell ) should be spaced 1 inch to 1.5 inches apart. Doing this will give you more amperage and voltage.

HOW TO DIG DEEP: There are many ways In which you can do this, you can rent a ground drill bit and rig it up with a electric 2 hp motor or you can use 1" copper pipe,

  1. Prepare the ground with water to make it moist but not muddy,
  2. Hammer a 1" x 5' copper pipe into the moist ground about 5 inches deep, then remove it from the ground and take a stick or a water hose to remove the dirt from inside the pipe.
  3. just repeat the process over and over until you get the desired depth that you want.
  4. a good depth using this method is 1O feet.

We are dealing with a new type of energy as well as conventional energy, Ether energy can go through rubber, plastic, iron, etc...

Cells hooked in series the old wayThere are US Patents that were Issued back in the 1800's. One of them was by a man named Deckman. He found that if you take a bunch of little pieces of Zinc and Carbon and stick them into the ground next to each other, you don't get any gain if you put them in series.

Diameter of natural vortex energyBut if you put them 6 feet apart you will get a gain in voltage and they will not cancel one another out. By doing this you can put them in series to increase your voltage and amperage. The theory is that there is some sort of natural energy VORTEX that takes up about that much space for each unit or cell. More on this later.

But using this method will take a lot of ground space just to get the voltage and amperage that you want. By using our new method as outlined or using Deckmans old way you can get as much free energy as you want with voltages or amperages as high as you want.

A differential in the light ether is created when we have something energy reflective like a silvered coloured metal and something that is absorbent, Like black Carbon.

The understanding comes from a very deep study of Etheric or static forces. This energy that we are getting out of the ground is what some call "Light Ether." I do not want to stray too far from the simplicity of this project by going into the subject of "aether," "vril," or "prana."

As another branch of this project we can examine the "orgone" potential of this project as postulated by Wilhelm Reich in the 1950's during his experiments with the ether:

1 org ~ The quantity of orgone energy in a space of one cubic foot which corresponds to the maintenance of a temperature difference ðT = T(0)-T of 1o celsius for one hour:
1 org = ðT · t · V3

T(0)-T ~ Temperature difference (celsius); T(0)=temp. inside accumulator, T=ambient temp.

t ~ time (hours)

V3=volume inside accumulator (one cubic foot or metre depending on your established system of measurements)
Reich's orgone accumulator's normally consisted of alternating layers of ferromagnetic and organic materials, whereas the organic material faces inward. Each earth cell in this project acts as an accumulator except that it utilizes diamagnetic materials, namely copper and zinc. Once an array of earth cells is established there is a measurable temperature differential between the earth contained and the ambient temperature.

Please realize that primordial ether energy is the energy of creation. It converts to all other forms of energy all the time. On the other hand, electro magnetic waves are the energy of decay; this is what we normally study in classical physics. When we tap directly into the primordial energy for conversion to other forms of energy we tap into a source of unlimited universal potential as opposed to technology that decays and pollutes the earth... I know what you're saying... The Michelson-Morley Experiment disproved the existence of the ether. This was not the original intention of the experiment! This was the conclusion derived by popular media during that era. Thereafter, academic physics classes continued with the mistaken intention of disproving the existence of ether as well along with the mistaken assumption that the ether is static, serves no purpose, and serves only the supernaturally inclined.

Infact, ether energy is very dynamic with predictable mathematical movements ("kreiselwelle" waves). Primordial ether energy has amazing potential which you will find out with this project. You are probably wondering how orgone potential can be converted to more feasible terms of current and voltage. This is the branch of the project that I will leave to you. For now, I provide the conversion factors; it's up to you to discover the relation of orgone potential to its electrical equivalents:

  • 1 Joule = 2.778 x 10-7 kilowatt-hrs
  • 1 BTU = 2.929 x 10-4kilowatt-hrs
  • 1 calorie = 1.163 x 10-6kilowatt-hrs
  • 1 BTU = 6.59 x 1021 electron Volts
  • Thermal Energy(joules) = temp (kelvino) · energy(eVolts)
  • 1o kelvin = -272.15o celsius

The primary source of light ether is the sun light, but it flows in a well defined pattern around each planetary body and system. The earth has an economy of light ether, BUT IT IS ALSO IN THE GROUND AND THE AIR.

Nikola Tesla in his writings was always saying things like, "there is more energy moving than just the electricity in this stuff." Example: If you take a big Tesla coil and fire it up, and you drive it with a van de graph generator and you put the out put of that into a Tesla coil, you can throw sparks across the room! What these electrostatic machines are gathering is light ether.

It would make sense for you to say that the resulting voltage is from a natural electroplating reaction between the copper and zinc in solution:

Cu+2 + Zn-1 + e- Þ Cu+1 + Zn-1
Please remember that this copper and zinc is not in solution, that is, we are not creating a giant mud pit for this project - a giant mud pit would not be practical for this experiment. The ground only needs to be moist. Even with the slight electroplating reaction there is only a small electron voltage to be calculated in comparison to the actual voltage from this project.


In this experiment you will find that using aluminum and aluminum will produce a very strange effect when placed on top of the earth ground. You will be getting two types of energy: Conventional battery type and earth ether. This experiment works also with any size or shape of aluminum but the 8' disk works best. The thickness of the disks is 1/8". By stacking them like a capacitor they will create a tremendous amount of current.

  1. Find a spot any where on the ground where there is no grass. The area is best when wet. When the ground is wet and moist is not just creating an acid battery effect. You are also getting a good contact with the ground as a conductor to pick up ether energy.
  2. Place the disks side by side, now clamp your DC voltmeter probes onto the disks, one negative and one positive. DC meter should be on the lowest setting.
  3. Place both disks on the ground very softly,
  4. Move disk B and do not move disk A (positive.) You will notice you are getting a small amount of voltage and amperage.
  5. Move disk A and do not move disk B. THE POLARITY CHANGES, The rule here is: The disk that moves is always positive. Since you can get a polarity change just by moving the disks at opposite times. You can make a very simple mechanical device to get AC current from on top of the earth.
We will not reveal any more on this, But in closing you can use copper and Aluminum also. (Remember, this is not just a chemical reaction.) You will also get a volt reading in dry dirt. But the dry dirt is causing a low conductance like a resistor from collecting the earth ether energy.

8 inch disk experiment
Move A disk but do not move B disk. What happens? The system can be made to extract earth ether from the top of the earth. This can be a very powerful system.

EARTH SOIL: Earth soil has very special properties. If you do not care about collecting ether energy and conventional energy you can simply concentrate on just using the earth soil as a earth battery ( Chemical Acid ). You may want to buy your copper piping from a local wholesale plumber and pipe company. It is much cheaper if you buy it that way. You can also consider buying piping from a metal salvage yard, copper pipe bought this way is very cheap and you can get larger diameter pieces. Of course, your local Home Depot may be satisfactory.

Once you have built your earth battery array you can simply replenish the soil with a watering once every 2 weeks in between rain falls. (DO NOT ADD ANY TYPE OF IONIZING CHEMICALS LIKE ACIDIFYING PLANT FOODS - THEY WILL EAT THE METAL IN YOUR BATTERIES). Your earth battery will get stronger each week that passes. Maintenance: Every 4 -5 months you may want to pull the zinc rod out to clean and sand it. Depending on your area you may not have to do this at all. You will never need to touch the copper again.


This is an experiment that we have not had the chance to do at the time we wrote this. Please try it and write us and tell of your results. Thank You.

    8 volt experiment
  • Zinc combined with itself will also create a positive and negative. But It depends on where it Is placed. Find that place! If this done right 1 and 2 zinc will not oppose each other.
  • You will be using diodes and electrolytic capacitors, try many different types.
  • Each zinc rod will feed off of the center copper pipe which Is placed in the ground at 30 feet or less...
  • Work it carefully and solder all connections.
  • The objective Is to keep the zinc from opposing itself.

Classic Earth Plate Capacitor

The orgone accumulator by Reich has been discovered to draw electricity from ground when electrically grounded. By the same token using copper and zinc or aluminum foil plates you will get much more amperage. The current you will be collecting is coming from 3 different sources:

  1. The Acid in the ground and water (includes miniscule electroplating reaction),
  2. Energy that is being transmitted from the earth itself and
  3. Energy that is being transmitted from the sky and outer space.

This configuration is a form of orgone energy accumulator originally designed by Wilhelm Reich which utilized iron sheets layered with organic material, but his experiments were for healing people of different maladies. Reich discovered that increasing the number of layers increased the orgone gathering potential. He also discovered the reverse energy potential of an accumulator when connected with a ground wire.

By the same token, the more plates that you add to your earth battery the more power you will get! The copper plate is the positive (anode) it must be facing the earth down in the ground. The aluminum or zinc plate is the negative (cathode) it must be facing the sky. Between each plate place one layer of cotton cloth, then place a 1/4" layer of very fine dirt on top of that (bagged mulch or potting soil is easy to use here). This should be done in between each plate as shown. Start with a small experiment as proof to yourself this really works and then go on to bigger projects.

materials for earth plate capacitor experiment
configuration of materialsplacement of earth plate capacitor

There are many factors such as ley lines to consider for placement of your earth capacitors in order to maximize efficiency of energy transfer. Ley lines enhance the potential of these earth batteries. Such was the original intent of dolmens and menhirs during the megalithic period when they would stacks layers of organic and inorganic materials over underground streams; they were primitive weather control "capacitors" that worked by collecting and dispersing underground energy potential into the air. Underground streams and pipes among other forms of feng shui can induce ley lines. You will need to learn the use of a dowsing instrument or become radiesthesia sensitive. (Remember, you can double click any word for online references.)

Please see my continuing free energy project utilizing a home made earth plate capacitor:
See how my earth energy project is going...


John Bedini has shown a "three-battery" circuit on his website for over 20 years, which works by the potential difference between the positives of three batteries in a specific arrangement. It shows that potential difference is what matters and not necessarily polarity. Ed Gray had a motor that ran on a process called "Splitting the Positive" and this is directly related to the three-battery system in principle. The well-known "Tesla Switch", which came from Ronald Brandt has nothing to do with Tesla, but is related to what Peter is presenting on and it operates a load between two negatives. I presented on a cold electricity circuit a couple years ago and it also operates a load between two negatives. These are all overunity circuits, which have one thing in common, they all appear to have their roots in one man's work and that is the Self-Recharging Battery Supply of Carlos F. Benitez.

Peter demonstrated a large SG, which kept itself charged up a couple years ago - that was the "Beyond SG" presentation. Last year, RS Stafford repeated this demonstrated with a "poor man's" method that only required breakers from the hardware store. It also kept itself charged up and demonstrated more work than the net loss from the batteries. These are all related to the Benitez system.


This science fair report and more are available from A&P Emedia Publications and Presentations [May 2020 Shelter in Place Special - EXPIRES MAY 31st: Get 50% off all 2018-19 A&P Presentations, using coupon code, MAY50 (case sensitive), in the shopping cart for each purchase.]

Conversations and replication attempts of Benitez's system have been going on for quite some time but only a few have made it work such as a few members in Energetic Forum.

Peter Lindemann demonstrated a system at the 2018 Energy Science & Technology Conference that ran on one battery bank, while charging another and it ran a motor/generator. The batteries charged up more than they discharged and that was with low quality garden start batteries, which is the worst case scenario. That shows that this system will shine with real deep cycle batteries that are larger and have very low impedance. Low impedance batteries are the key and this has been proven by John Bedini and Peter Lindemann over many years.

What you are about to see is the SIMPLEST, CHEAPEST and LOWEST TECH method to replicate the Carlos F. Benitez system that has ever been disclosed. After this, it will be hard for anyone to have an excuse to not have a self-charging system. This presentation shows the circuit, diagrams, patents and it includes a PDF companion guide to support your efforts. You're free to search Carlos F. Benitez and try to figure it out yourself, but unless you can decipher his language of what means what, then you will not get very far. Hence, the fact that besides Peter, only two others that we know of have achieved overunity with this concept - and that is over quite a few years.

Peter's presentation is about 45 minutes and is the only time Benitez's system has been disclosed in this manner for what it is - an intro to the history, the operating theory, some revelations that Peter had that made it make sense and Peter's very specific schematics on how to build the system. Our hope is that replicating this exact method will take off and will become even more popular than the Bedini SG. This is SCALABLE, which means you can build this as big as you want!


Get a 50% discount on Peter Lindemann's Presentation through May 31, 2020 with this coupon code: MAY50

Review all of the tech presented at 2018 Energy Science & Technology Conference with your own beautiful copy of the 2018 Energy Science Technology Conference Magazine. (Use the Mirror Site if it downloads faster.)

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