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Free Energy Science Fair! Free YourSelf from the Energy Crisis! Do you believe in true Democracy and a Free People? Do you believe that freedom is a pollution free world for ourselves and our children. Do you believe in technology that can free the people? Do you believe in the United States of America and that people with God are a Free People? If you answered 'yes' to all of these questions, then You believe in Free Energy for the people and Freedom from the economic burden of the 'Energy Crisis.' Request Information Now:

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Free Energy from Back-EMF: A Science Fair Project using simple materials from an electronic surplus... more to come!

Free Energy from the Earth: A Science Fair Project using simple materials from the hardware store (no hazardous materials)... more to come!

Spin Wave Technology from Varant Corp.
Spin Wave Technology Initial Release

Research files and introduction video to explain spin wave processes; electromagnetic interactions of atomic particles involving the propagation of changing spin axis orientations which can be utilized for power generation, propulsion, signal processing and communications. These explanations are in layperson terminology using classical electrodynamics.

This is a CD-ROM of the research papers of George J Bugh in HTML file format along with various graphic diagrams. All you need is your web browser program to go through the whole e-book. In addition, this CD includes a 34-minute video introduction to spin waves given by George Bugh. The video is provided in .mpg and .mov file formats for PCs or MACs.

George J Bugh is a senior staff electronics design engineer at a major aerospace company with 19 years of experience with electronic and electromagnetic devices and systems. However these files are unrelated to his day job. For the last 6 years he has made a personal and in depth study of claims of unusual electrical power producing devices, some with electro-gravity side effects, found on the web by various inventors.

These files are the result of George Bugh's 6 years of research. Using conventional science it is possible to explain electromagnetic processes that have not been understood or described previously. These devices can have electron spin resonance and electromagnetic spin wave processes taking place at microwave frequencies and higher. There is the possibility for some technological advances.

More selections like this are available at Amazon.com's Free Energy, Over Unity resources

The following are blurbs from the New York Times and other media discussing hard evidence against the use of nuclear reactors. In order to view the entire NY Times article you need to subscribe and let them set cookies in your computer.
It's Free, far less expensive than a hard copy:

Prototype Announcement > Nuclear Waste May Become a Safe Energy Source - Nuclear Solutions, Inc. (NSOL) proposes that they have a technology whereby they can render nuclear waste no longer radioactive and concomitantly create a new fuel source.

{See some interesting government facts about atomic bomb tests that date back to the 1950's}


Help Inact legislation against nuclear waste traveling our country and for advanced, non-polluting technology at the Animal Love page

Click here to discover How Corrupt Politicians in league with certain Fortune 500 companies despoil our ecology and eliminate our wildlife.

Have you seen enough evidence that advanced technology can save the planet? Yes? Then write your senators and tell them that we have to move forward, NOW:

The way that people have fallen into the trap of sticking with self-destructive, oil and coal-burning technology is equivalent to how they catch monkeys in India and South America: They tie a narrow neck bottle to a tree. In the bottle they place a banana. The monkey passes by, perceives the banana and very smartly manages to squeeze his hand into the bottle and slips his fingers around the banana in the larger inner area of the bottle.

The monkey tries to pull its hand out in order to eat the banana, but it won't come out because its hand, which is now holding the banana and is in the form of a fist, cannot pass through the neck of the bottle. It pulls and pulls, but cannot get its hand out. It sees the trapper approaching it and tries to get away, but cannot, because its hand is wrapped around the banana and thus unable to be removed from the bottle.

Although it is obviously going to suffer under the hands of the trapper and the bottle and the banana are the cause of its demise, it never thinks of letting go of the banana so that it can extract its hand and be free. It is literally attached to the banana, and the banana, which was previously a potential source of happiness, has become a source of his suffering.

For most people in "modern" civilization, the "banana" is replaced by status symbols. In the energy realm, the "bananas" are fossil fuel burning luxury vehicles and the convenience of centralized power companies. Old fossil fuel burning technology represents the "bottle." Take North America for example: We are a convenience oriented culture. We use the technology which is readily available to us. We take the technology which is handed to us on a silver platter and call ourselves advanced, yet looming in the background is a polluting, despoiling, strip mining, life-negative feeding frenzy by the oil cartels off our planet's natural resources in order to sustain "modern civilization."

The "banana in the bottle" in United States of America is the people's need for leadership, convenience and status symbols. This is the selling point at the crux of every "trapper's" marketing scheme: make it easy, make it accessable, and make your market feel great about it. Instead of appealing to logic and reason, the marketing teams aim for emotional security in consumers. (I used to work for a market research firm - that's how I know.) Big business markets to the lowest common denominator in consumers. The "trappers" have no real interest in marketing to people's logic because they know that most people are not logical. In turn, the public trusts something like a car manufacturer or a gasoline production company because it would be inconvenient to mistrust them. Mistrusting the "trapper" who provides for your status symbol means that you would have to work a little harder in your life to find a different fuel source or even replace that gas guzzling engine in your big, beautiful, secure SUV - which is inconvenient.

Since the culture in the U.S.A. is constantly oriented towards convenience and status symbols people are going broke at the pump right now in order to fuel their convenient status symbols. The convenience of trust in energy management "experts" put California billions of dollars in debt. This is overshadowed by the convenience of trust we have in our "leaders" and "experts" to deliver us from cancer causing chemical spills, pollution and green house effects. This is further overshadowed by the convenience of trust we have for the current oil cartel influenced White House administration which claims to be defending the U.S. against terrorism - by invading one country that happens to be ripe with oil reserves just as they claim they will save the U.S. from economic depravity.

I'm sorry to inconvenience you by saying these things, but I have been inconvenienced most of my life by people who deny truly advanced technology. I have been inconvenienced in my career, my life's work, and my destiny for over thirty years because there are people who trust their "trappers," so they keep hanging onto that "banana in the bottle" while they call me crazy.

If my dear readers have not already left, the following are some Inconvient links leading some Inconvenient facts for those of you who conveniently believe that we will always have fossil fuel or that our planet is not really in peril:

Planet Earth In Peril

UNITED NATIONS, August 13, 2002

"If we do nothing to change our current indiscriminate
patterns of development, we will compromise the long-term
security of the Earth and its people."
U.N. Undersecretary-General Nitin Desai
(AP) A U.N. report sets the stage for this month's Earth Summit
with a sobering assessment of a planet where sea levels are rising,
forests are being destroyed and more than 2 billion people face
water shortages...  (Click for entire article)

Hubbert's Peak: The Impending World Oil Shortage

by Kenneth S. Deffeyes (Princeton University Press)

In 1956, geophysicist M. King Hubbert -- then working at the 
Shell research lab in Houston -- predicted that U.S. oil production
would reach its highest level in the early 1970s. Though roundly 
criticized by oil experts and economists, Hubbert's prediction came
true in 1971. The hundred-year period during which most of the world's
oil was discovered became known as Hubbert's peak -- a span of time 
almost comically shorter than the hundreds of millions of years the 
oil deposits took to form.  (It's only supposed to happen in cartoons.)

Using the same methods that Hubbert used to make his stunningly 
accurate prediction, Deffeyes finds that a peak in world oil production 
is less than five years away. And he argues that new exploration and 
production technologies can't save us. While long-term solutions exist 
in the form of conservation and alternative energy sources, they probably 
cannot -- and almost certainly will not -- be enacted in time to evade 
short-term catastrophe...  (Click for graphs)

"Oil Giants Officials Knew of Gaps in Reserves in 2002" WASHINGTON, March 8 - The new head of the Royal Dutch/Shell Group and its current chief financial officer, as well as the chairman ousted last week, were advised of huge shortfalls in proven oil and natural gas reserves in 2002, two years before they were publicly disclosed, according to company memorandums and notes of executive discussions. But rather than disclose the problems to investors, senior executives in a July 2002 memorandum came up with - and later carried out - what the memorandum described as an ``external storyline`` and ``investor relations script`` that tried to ``highlight major projects fueling growth,`` ``stress the strength`` of existing resources, and minimize the significance of reserves as a measure of growth. Problems with reserves were discussed among senior executives months earlier. A February 2002 memorandum said that one billion barrels of reserves ``are no longer fully aligned`` with Securities and Exchange Commission rules because the agency issued an interpretation of them. The memorandum said that an additional 1.3 billion barrels of reserves were at risk because it was no longer certain that they could be extracted during the remaining term of licenses between the company and three foreign countries... The Shell memorandums were prepared by Walter van de Vijver, the head of exploration and production until his dismissal last week, for the company`s committee of managing directors, a small group of senior executives that in 2002 was headed by Sir Philip Watts and included his recently named successor, Jeroen van der Veer. The July memorandum also noted that it was sent to Judy Boynton, now on the committee and the chief financial officer. Mr. van der Veer said the company was conducting an inquiry and would not comment on whether any illegal acts were committed. On Monday, The Wall Street Journal described an early 2002 memorandum warning of possible overstatements in reserves. The company documents, which The New York Times and lawyers investi- gating the company have copies of, suggest that current and former senior executives had known about significant problems with reserves since at least 2002 and they raise questions about whether the company moved swiftly to correct the problem. The company`s accounting of reserves is now under investigation by the S.E.C....

Crude oil supplies may peak by 2010 By Bruce Stanley | Associated Press Posted May 25, 2002 UPPSALA, Sweden -- Global supplies of crude oil will peak as early as 2010 and then start to decline, ushering in an era of soaring energy prices and economic upheaval... (Click for article)

I'm sorry if I have INCONVENIENCED anyone with this information. If you have chosen to conveniently mistrust this information, then you will always suffer because, in reality, you cannot ever get the "banana out of the bottle." In fact, most people have been swooned into this trap that has been set for you in a status symbol admiring, convenience oriented culture. If you believe that the oil cartels have the people's interest at heart, then you are the equivalent of the "monkey" who has passed on great "bunches of bananas and more variety of fruits" to be found in the wilderness. You have been eating bugs and dry leaves with one hand while the other is trapped inside a bottle tied to a stake because you won't let go of that one "banana." Our blind faith in "leaders," "experts," and "elected" officials who tell us how to live our lives while they plunge the United States of America and her citizens into a deep, dark hole of economic depravity and third world morals perpetuates this trap. If I'm not mistaken, blind faith should only belong to God.

As long as we tolerate the recession, inflation, depression, the national debt - As long as we tolerate poison in the air we breathe, the water we drink, the ground where we grow our plants and feed our livestock - As long as we tolerate the murder of wildlife, stripping of forests, and drought due to the abuse of science we are tolerating "the trap." Most people are afraid of letting go of this trap because they fear the unknown. Our trappers constantly defame unknown science to demoralize esoteric research that can help the people and save the planet. The trap is where we learned to fear the unknown. Therefore, we endure familiar suffering for a few moments of convenience.

For those of you who have chosen to let go of your emotional securities I sing your praises. For each of us who continues the exploration into the advanced science of super-efficient energy generation, another seed of hope is planted for humanity.

With the pressing environmental crisis facing the world, today, can humanity continue as a technologically advanced civilization? Fossil fuels and the internal combustion engine are non-sustainable both environmentally and economically - and a replacement for both already exists.

If such technologies were announced today, it would take at least 10 to 20 years for their widespread application to be effected. This is approximately how much time we have before global economic chaos begins due to demand far exceeding the supply of oil and environmental decay becomes exponential and catastrophic.

These technologies fall into the following broad categories:

  • Quantum vacuum/Zero Point field energy access systems and related advances in electromagnetic theory and applications;

  • Electrogravitic and magnetogravitic energy and propulsion;

  • Room temperature nuclear effects;

  • Electrochemical and related advances to internal combustion systems that achieve near zero emissions and a very high efficiency.

A number of practical applications using such technologies have been developed over the past several decades, but such breakthroughs have been either ignored due to their unconventional nature or have been classified and suppressed due to national security, military interests and "special" interests.

Indeed, the great danger is ignorance (or mayhem) by our leaders of these scientific breakthroughs and ignorance of how to manage their disclosure. The advanced countries of this world must be prepared to put systems in place to assure the exclusive peaceful use of such energy and propulsion advances. Economic and industrial interests should be prepared so that those aspects of our economy that will be adversely affected (commodities, oil, gas, coal, public utilities, engine manufacturing, etc.) can be cushioned from sudden reversals and be economically "hedged" by investing in and supporting the new energy infrastructure. (The most effective economic cushion would be the repeal of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. There would be enough money in the system, so no more "lay-offs," Jobs for Everyone, Everyone Prospers.)

A creative view of the future - not fear and suppression of such technologies - is required. And it is needed immediately. If we wait 10 to 20 more years, it will be too late to make the needed changes before world oil shortages, exorbitant costs and geopolitical competition for resources causes a melt-down in the world's economy and political structure.

Let us be clear: The question is not whether such systems exist and can be viable replacements for fossil fuels. The question is whether we have the courage to allow such a transformation in world society to occur... (Preceeding extract Courtesy of Disclosure project)

Some of these inventions are patented in the United States since the 1920's.  There has been rumor that the U.S. Patent Office now has strict instructions not to allow any patent for a meaningful over-unity, electromagnetic system or one that would appear to threaten the status quo of our present power suppliers. Who has the REAL power? It's supposed to be the U.S. Citizens.

Resources: Books
� Adams, Robert, DSc, Applied Modern 20th Century Aether Science, Aethmogen Technologies, Whakatane, New Zealand, special update 2001, 2nd edition.
� Aspden, Harold, Dr, Modern Aether Science, Sabberton, UK, 1972.
� Coats, Callum, Living Energies, Gateway Books, UK, 1996.
� Lindemann, Peter, DSc, The Free Energy Secrets of Cold Electricity, Clear Tech, Inc., USA, 2001.
� Manning, Jeane, The Coming Energy Revolution: The Search for Free Energy, Avery Publishing Group, USA, 1996.
� Rand, Ayn, Atlas Shrugged, Random House, 1957.
� Vassilatos, Gerry, Secrets of Cold War Technology: Project HAARP and Beyond, Adventures Unlimited Press, USA, 1999.


Resources: Websites
Developed by Geoff Egel in Australia. Best site on the Net!

   � https://www.free-energy.cc//
Developed by Clear Tech, Inc. and Dr Peter Lindemann.

   � https://https://jnaudin.free.fr/
Developed by JLN Labs in France.

   � www.1dove.com/fe/index.html
Jim's Free Energy Page in the USA.

   � https://www.keelynet.com//
Developed by Jerry Decker in the USA.

   � https://www.xogen.com/
Site for super electrolysis technology.

   � https://www.rumormillnews.com/
Excellent site for all kinds of alternative news, with many links.

Resources: Patents
Most of these patents can be viewed at www.delphion.com/. This is a sample of inventions that produce free energy:
� Tesla: USP #685,957 (1901)
� Freedman: USP #2,796,345 (1957)
� Richardson: USP #4,077,001 (1978)
� Frenette: USP #4,143,639 (1979)
� Perkins: USP #4,424,797 (1984)
� Gray: USP #4,595,975 (1986)
� Meyer: USP #4,936,961 (1990)
� Chambers (Xogen): USP #6,126,794 (1998).

Jim Murray - Reveals Segregated Load Analysis!

Jim Murray is a legend in the field of Tesla and the Free Energy sciences. He has demonstrated some of the highest COP (level of overunity) systems that have been ever demonstrated to the public such as the SERPS demo he showed with Paul Babcock that produced 50 times more more than the net loss from the input power supply. When he shares something, it is because he feels it is important to know and this is the first time he has ever presented on this subject.

Learn more about Segregated Load Analysis

This science fair report and more are available from A&P Emedia Publications and Presentations [May 2020 Shelter in Place Special - EXPIRES MAY 31st: Get 50% off all 2018-19 A&P Presentations, using coupon code, MAY50 (case sensitive), in the shopping cart for each purchase.]

The reason this presentation is so important is because it teaches you the EXACT method that Jim has developed over many years to accurately know what the real efficiency of the system is. Did you know you could very well have overunity even with a low efficiency system!? Read that last sentence and ask yourself if that matches what the common belief is. If you don't know how that can be true, then this presentation is mandatory because you're probably using the wrong set of rules to understand what your machines or other energy devices are producing.

An important distinction that is necessary to understand is that there is a difference between conversion efficiency vs. system efficiency. It is also important and useful to understand the historical developments of how the ideas of calculating efficiencies took a wrong turn and is no wonder why most engineers have no idea how to accurately measure what is going on.

Learn more about Segregated Load Analysis

This science fair report and more are available from A&P Emedia Publications and Presentations [May 2020 Shelter in Place Special - EXPIRES MAY 31st: Get 50% off all 2018-19 A&P Presentations, using coupon code, MAY50 (case sensitive), in the shopping cart for each purchase.]

Review all of the tech presented at 2018 Energy Science & Technology Conference with your own beautiful copy of the 2018 Energy Science Technology Conference Magazine. (Use the Mirror Site if it downloads faster.)

Over Unity Energy Legislation

The Future of Free Energy

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